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USB Promosi Indonesia Co., Ltd was established in 2001. We are professional OEM/ ODM USB flash drives manufacturer for 8 years, some of our customers have cooperated with us for 7 years and some even become our partner. Involved in items of Designing, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Export, we are aiming at supply high-quality consumer electronics to customers all over the world.

Our core competence is: Competitive Price, High Quality, Short Lead-time, Professional Sales and Designers. We do Custom-Made USB flash drive in different Materials ( e.g. Metal, ABS, and PVC) , offer thousands of moulds for you to choose and provide all-ware and quality after-sale service. We can offer you most complete models and information. You find us, and you will get it. Our sales and designers have extensive knowledge and experience; we are able to produce fully customized flash drives quickly and effectively. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. We are surely your long time business partner and friends, trustworthy and honest USB flash drive suppliers.
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